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Ajisaihime turned 16 last September 28!

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Ajisaihime turned 16 last September 28!

Post by Nina on Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:23 am

Last September 28, 2011, one of our princesses celebrated her 16th birthday!
Minna-san, let's all greet Karrihime a very happy birthday!

Of course the princesses have some words to say to our birthday girl.

Karri-chan!!! Tanjoubi omedetou~~~ XD
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, and you can enjoy being 16 ;]


Happy birthday, Karrihimeee!!!! Can you believe you're 16?! That's so exciting! ^___^ I think you're the only member I haven't had a chance to get to know better, so I hope we can do that this next year. Very Happy May your birthday be as beautiful and awesome as you!

Karrihimeeeeee! 16th birthday yay! Happy birthday honey and I wish you a happy year with the age that makes you feel growing up, haha. Well I felt like that when I turned 16. Lets hope that you get lots and lots of presents!

Karrihime!!!! ♥️♥️ Happy Sweet 16! I'm sorry I posted this up sooo late! Everything had been so busy in school. This should have been up for ages! Gomene! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Only 2 years more and you'll be legal! LOL. I'm really happy that you accepted my offer in being in OHP and also continuing to be my friend. You're always there to lend a hand with stuff and that's really something I'm glad about. You've made my life full of XD's. LOL. Anyway, Happy Happy birthday! I wish we'd have more time together esp. in OHP! ♥️


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Re: Ajisaihime turned 16 last September 28!

Post by Karrihime on Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:44 pm

I forgive you Nina-himechama Very Happy
And info the other members; It was a really boring day XD


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