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Pocket Princess 5 [7.27.2011]

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Pocket Princess 5 [7.27.2011]

Post by Nina on Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:59 pm

Question: What can you say about the Shining Auditions?

"I feel that the auditions itself brought a lot of stress to the auditioners as it was a very long process. But in the end, I feel that we got the best possible additions to our project. congratulations Izumi and Hanii! =D"

"I'm very satisfied with the members we got in the end. Can't wait to see our blending in the new single *-*"

"Izupinku and I worked hard and some times needed chats together to get through it, but our Rainbow Pink stuck together and did it!!! Lots of new friendships have started and I'm so happy! Thank you so much everyone that supported me, and especially to my fellow princesses! >_< I write a lot--so sorry!!"

"I'm extremely surprised with the results of the auditions, mainly because I was one of the new members. I felt that all of the other girls had a different kind of light that shone brighter than mine did, and the audition process proved to be relatively nerve-wracking for me as I feared that I would not make it to be one of the girls to make it in the end.

But I did make it, and all I can say I guess is "thank you" to everyone who supported me and such through these auditions! It means a lot that people would support me like this and I'm a little floored. Scratch that, SUPER floored! So thank you all, so veryvery much. Yoroshiizu deshita! >www<

As for the future, I'm looking forward to working with Hanahime and, of course, Hanbun-pinkuu! >ww<;;;;;"

"When I first saw the people that had auditioned for the group, I was really shocked! SO MANY PEOPLE TO JUDGE :S There were of course a lot of people that I knew wouldn't fit to be a Hime, but in the end I gave good scores to the ones that had Hime-potensial.
And now we have got two great princesses with us <3"

"I thought it was really successful. At first I didn't think a lot would audition so I can't thank everyone who participated enough! The audition was pretty long so I know that I need to shorten it in the next auditions. I love Izumi and Hanii, they make a PINK tandem. I might officially call them PINK GEN but still I'm quite proud of the top 8. A lot were very good singers especially in the last round. If only i could squeeze them into two slots I would. Then again I can't so I hope we'll get see each other again the gen 3 auditions!"

"When I heard the 4 girls who are still left in the battle, if I can say it like this.. I can tell that they all fit here in OHP. All 4 sound amazing.
I kept listening, in my paid-hour-internet on vacation in Italy, to baka ni shinaide. They rock.

I think it's been good to have these Shining Auditions. It's sad that only 2 of them will be in the next generation. Good luck girls!
And let's hope that we will make lots of fun and nice covers with each other~!"


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