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Bellyhime's Birthday! [Jun. 5, 2011]

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Bellyhime's Birthday! [Jun. 5, 2011]

Post by Nina on Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:52 pm

Today is Bellyhime-sama's Bithday!!! ♥️
Yurihime-sama is one of the mature-voiced members of Ohime who sings with power and energy. She loves Miyabi and Genki songs.And today, She just turned 16!

Yaaay! This is the first birthday we have here in Ohimepro! ^^
And we're celebrating Yurihime's birthday with the release of Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara!

Here are some messages from the princesses:

"Belly-chan~~~! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! XD
Wow. I haven't known you for THAT long, but it really feels like it's been forever. Maybe dubbing concerts does that to you. XD
Anyways, enjoy your day, enjoy the upcoming year, and stay genki, nee~? <333"

-- Aihime

HI BELLY *___*
Congrats xD
Hope you have had a nice day Very Happy BECUZ'
IT'S YOUR B-DAY!! Very Happy:D:D "


"I'm such a fail as a leader. Ooops. wait I'll have to greet you first belly-chama, Happy 16th Birthday!!! YAAAY! Sweet sixteen! And here's the best part! I completely forgot about it. =3=

Hey! At least I'm honest right? XD But I think my subconscious mind did remember it, that's why I've been rushing out the past few days just to release Onna Gokoro on time. Yep. THAT HAS TO BE THE REASON. So... that means I did remember it afterall? LOL. XD Okay nevermind about that. Haha! I really wanna greet you a happy happy birthday belly-chama and I wanted to make your birthday more special than this but... yeah. GOMEEEN~

Anyway, We've been friends for around a year already and I'm just soo happy to have met you *sobs* no seriously... You're always there to lend me a hand or an ear to my weird and pathetic problems but that's what I like most about you. Now don't change being a strict, energetic, fun, encouraging, thoughtful, caring, loving friend! I wish you all the best in your life, in the dubbing world, and well, on everything that concerns you. XD I hope we get to still be friends for a looong looong looooooooooooong time~! We love you bellyhime~! ♥️



"Happy birthday Belly! Let's make this a wonderful year with lots and lots of singing <3"

-- Yuukihime


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