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Yurihime's 17th Birthday!

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Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Empty Yurihime's 17th Birthday!

Post by Nina on Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:09 pm

Yesterday, June 5, Bellyhime has finally turned 17!
Minna, let's all wish her a happy happy birthday! ♥️

Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Belly10

Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Belly210

Here are some messages from our fellow princesses!

Congrats Belly-chama <3
You were one of the first dubbers I knew about!
You and your awesome Maimi-voice Very Happy

Untill . . .

I heard you as Risako <3
Short sappy story THE END Very Happy
Hope you ate a lot of cake on your b-day though XD


I always write that XD


Belly-chaaaamaaaa!! Omigash it's just like what happened last year. WHY ME SUCH A FAIL FRIEND?! ;_; But this time it's because I'm running errands for my enrollment this coming semester. gyyaaaa. but still, my fult. so blame me me me. GOMENASAI!!! But still... Happy 17th birthday! even though it's late~ ;_;

I recently took another look at your channel earlier and I saw you put my channel on the other channels thingy on the right side. I was SOOOO TOUCHED. ;__; seriously that made me cry. I'm really happy to have you as a friend~ we've been friends for 2 years now I think? and may there be more years to come. also, you've been through a lot lately, and if ever your feeling down, we're always here to give you a big bear comfort hug! BTW, how was Japan? XD ♥️♥️3♥️♥️

let's chat again about your adventure there when we get the chance ne? =3



Bellyyyyy~! I don't know you very well, but I've always admired your voice! Your such a fantastic singer and so young too! Happy (late lol) birthday and keep on being amazing! XD


Bellyhime~ Well I already greeted you in HHB so... Happy birthday again <33 Hope you had lots of fun. I hope we can sing more in ohp together with the other members. Well we don't really talk so much since I'm scared of talking to you... lol not in a bad way, just my usual shyness and stuff. But yeah I hope to hear more from you and let's do our best. <3 Ganbaraii~


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Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Signat11

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Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Empty Re: Yurihime's 17th Birthday!

Post by Karrihime on Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:52 pm

My greeting? Q___Q
I know that you're going to update this but still XD

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Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Empty Re: Yurihime's 17th Birthday!

Post by My-chan on Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:08 am

Happy late Birthday Belly-chaaan~
I've known you for quite a while and even though we don't talk that much anymore I still love chuu =3
You're a really amazing singer!
I hope we can still meet one day and dance kimagure princess x3
Sootie got her drivers license so it's easier now.
Well I hope you enjoyed your B-day and had lots of cake and presents <3

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Yurihime's 17th Birthday! Empty Re: Yurihime's 17th Birthday!

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