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Sakurahime Announces Her Graduation

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Sakurahime Announces Her Graduation

Post by Nina on Sat May 19, 2012 6:10 pm

After Yanagihime's graduation announcement, another sudden graduation has been announced. This time, Otome hime project's leader, Sakurahime or Ninahime, from the first generation, hanahime, will be graduating shortly after Yuukihime. She got accepted into a group in her country to perform. With her school schedule and upcoming practices with the group, she has decided to graduate.

Graduation Announcement from Ninahime (May 14, 2012)
" I know this is too sudden but I have decided to graduate from this group. You might be shocked that a leader has to graduate from a group especially when I'm the one who has made this. The reason for my graduation is this. I'm already a college student and it's been getting harder and harder for me to concentrate on my studies while continuing to do my best for the project. And something came up along the way. I auditioned and, luckily, got in a group in my country who covers morning musume songs and performs live at conventions and is even starting to get to ask for slots for guesting on television. It's a very big dream of mine to go out there and perform what I really love and I hope you understand that. I really hate to leave this group but I don't want you girls to get dragged just because of me and the schedules I'm gonna get because of school and practices. Because of that, I have decided to graduate. Anyway, until the end of my term, I shall do my best and after, I will keep on supporting OHP."

The project will be entrusted to a new leader which will be announced a few days before her graduation. She will be graduating with the song, Namidacchi. As of now, there is no set date for her graduation.


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Re: Sakurahime Announces Her Graduation

Post by Miyako on Sun May 20, 2012 12:31 am

;w; I'm sad that you'll graduate, because this if my favorite online project. But at the same time, I'm really happy for you ^-^ Must be awesome to go and perform! Good luck Nina~


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Re: Sakurahime Announces Her Graduation

Post by Izumi on Sun May 20, 2012 11:40 am

Reading this again only makes it sadder for me, Ninachama... ;^;
But with all of our conversation, I feel like everyone can work together and make it through <3
I'm not happy that you are graduating, but I'm really happy for all of the things you've managed to accomplish and really do wish the best for you <3


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I've just came here

Post by utauhoshii on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:06 pm

I've just came here! And it's so sad that you're already graduating!
I think that you were one of the most popular members.

Haha, this remembers me about Nakazawa Yuuko's graduating. She graduated in April 2001, and later August new members. That's about me(the new user on this forum, and at next audition I will try my best too) and you(the amazing leader).

Good luck in your future career. And I hope that you will shine in real-life. Be a star, baby!

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Re: Sakurahime Announces Her Graduation

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